The Realistic Experience of Dolls Made with TPE

With sex dolls, the most important selling feature is the ability to mimic the feeling of human skin. Thermoplastic elastomer, or TPE, is the material that best imitates the texture of skin and allows for the most realistic experience. Dolls made with TPE, which is a mixture of polyvinyl chloride and silicone, are incredibly durable as well as realistic. The material is soft and stretches easily. This allows for you to get the most pleasant experience possible and reduces the possibility of the material sticking to the mold and being uncomfortable.

TPE is incredibly easy to clean and maintain because of the durability of the material. With renewal powder, anyone can easily restore the doll to avoid issues with tackiness or stickiness in the material. With any doll made with TPE you are only able to use water based lubricants in order to maintain the integrity of the material. Any silicone, petroleum or other possibly oil-based lubricant products will damage the TPE and therefor the entire doll will be damaged.

It is important to always remember safety when you interact with TPE dolls. The materials are waterproof and completely hypoallergenic, but TPE is a material that can easily store bacteria and is not safe to use after another person without using a condom. There is no effective sterilization method for TPE so make sure that you are always safe when using dolls made with this material. It is recommended that women that uses TPE dolls do not refresh their dolls with talcum powder due to its potential link to ovarian cancer. With any lubricant, safety measures, or restoration attempts, it is important to research safety and product concerns.

The realistic material provides a lifelike experience that is sure to please and will easily make a lifelong fan out of anyone that has never used the material before. The whole point is to enjoy yourself, and finally with sex dolls made with TPE, you can get the experience that you want without some of the frustrations that other models bring. Unpleasant or unrealistic textures are common and many dolls are not capable of providing a truly realistic experience. With TPE the doll will mimic the texture of a human being in an amazingly real way so that every experience is completely perfect.

Since the product is completely waterproof, cleaning has never been easier. With the renewal powder providing a fast solution to replenish the realistic feel after washing, each time with a doll made with TPE can be just like the first time. This material is also incredibly durable and easy to maintain over a long period of time.

One thing is certain, there is not a more realistic and lifelike material used for sex dolls on the market. Nothing is as soft, flexible, or stretchable as a doll made with TPE, which provides anyone the best experience. This material is by far the best way to go with sex dolls. This is the realistic material that brings maximum enjoyment to every user. View our website for our entire line of TPE Sex Dolls.

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